3-Step Interest Verification Process

At ReadyLeads, we know how important it is to ensure that you are working with the best contact list possible. Who wants to waste time calling people who don’t even want to work from home? That’s why we have created a unique system that ensures a better lead!

STEP 1: First, the person shows an interest in working at home by visiting one of several work-at-home websites.  By only placing our ads on sites with people actively searching for a home business, we are able to find those with the highest level of interest possible.

STEP 2: Next, they sign-up for a work-at-home newsletter AND complete a double opt-in verification process to ensure that they are really the person signing up.  Again, we are able to filter out people who aren’t very interested by requiring their double opt-in.

STEP 3: Finally, the person actively completes our form indicating a desire to work at home.  This is when we get their contact information, including the best time to be reached.  Once someone has made it this far, we know they are truly interested in hearing from you, our customer!

Wait… the lead still isn’t ready to release to our customer…

Most lead companies would sell the lead as soon as the person fills out an information form, usually at our Step 1. However, even after a lead completes all three steps, we wait to release the lead for upto 3 days.

Why? Because during this time, we are sending the lead additional email information about working from home. We also give them the opportunity to opt-out at anytime during this period, and many do.

What does this mean to you? By the time we send you your leads, you are talking to people who have completed all three steps of the Interest Verification Process, AND even after being given the opportunity to remove themselves from being contacted, have chosen to remain an active lead.

Now they are a ReadyLead!